Last year we found Kick Start Locators after trying several others. Kick Start is the best as is Rob and his staff. They are honest and dependable. Communication is Great and the service is fast. The best thing about Kick Start is THEY DO WHAT THEY SAY THEY WILL DO FOR YOU. I can't brag about no other locator service. Kick Start also has flexability in pricing to meet ones needs. Sometimes I only need one location and sometimes I need three or four but no matter what I need, the service is always there.
Thanks Rob.

Mark Harmon

Working with kickstart locations has been an A+ experience from day one. There are many locators on the internet that will simply place your machines in whatever locations will take them, but after working with kickstart I became spoiled because they make sure I am happy with the location that I am placing my machine in. Communication is key for a solid locator and I can say with pride that their communication has exceeded all expectations. The only company that truly gives you both consistency and communication!

Thomas Anguella

I have been using Rob (Kickstart) for about 2 years now. What I like most about him is that he has always went over and above to satisfy my needs. I know Rob has vendors that purchase a lot more location than i do. If I order three locations or 10 he treats me like the vendors that place much bigger orders. I have used quite a few locators since I started my vending bussiness and Rob has proven the be the best in my book. With that beeing said I strongly recommend Rob to anyone looking for a good reliable locator

Chris Harris

I did place the unit in Bacons last week. Too soon to know how its going to perform but I've eaten there before and its always completely packed on the week-ends; so I completely understood when the notes said to wait till a week-day. We'll pray thats a killer locations.
Thanks for your help. Take care.


Hi Rob, Yesterday I receive a call from the Pizza place you secured me; they informed me the machine was empty and could I come by and replace. I was very please and passed out many more samples. Nic's brother which I guess owns half of it with him try to come at me with some sort of commission cut. I had to shoot him down and tell him this is a non-profit organization sir, I can't give something I don't have, I am already giving my time to servicing the machine and fostering abused dogs. I sincerely and deeply appreciate your kindness and it will come back to you ten fold in karma. I will alert all our volunteers to come in here for Pizza. I closed with a god bless you and your a very kind and generous man... Shook his hand and thanked him once more.
Thanks for the Hot spot, it's a hit with the employees they're even slugging it for chews.


Robert, First, I want to thank you for the great locations you found me in the Grand Rapids area. I was impressed. It empowered me to go into some similar places and locate some businesses on my own.

Also, in the process of checking on these locations, I was able to locate 7 more on my own. This gets me closer to the 35 machines I need to locate. I have a 2 week window coming up where I will continue to look for locations, I have approximately 16 to go. After that, I will again need your help, as I will be getting very busy with my side jobs into July.

Thank you so much for you help , I look forward to working with you more in the future.


Hi Robert,
3 for 3, all locations, talked to contact and machines went in with no problem. Thats 3 placed .As you know I have a huge route and I need locations pretty often, like when I do my route next week. Trying to expand a little to, so if all goes well you will get all locations I need.


Just wanted to say Thanks for the Excellent location! And that everything went well. At first I was not to sure because there was already a few candy machines already there and not really any room for my machine. But when I showed him my Dentyne Ice machine, he took a closer look at the other machines there was one with old candy that looked like it had not been serviced in several months he removed that one and put my machine in its place. Just wanted to say Thanks. And that on Monday I will order two more of those Dentyne Ice machines and I will let you know when they arrive and maybe when can do the same deal as we did last time with the Restaurant / Bar location. Thanks again for doing such a good job.


My professional background has been in business to business sales. Any successful sale I made was as a result of working as a team, be it with my management or my technical or marketing support. I never sold as a lone wolf. Lone wolves don't survive. Also, my team, including me, often fell short of expectations, and as a result, did not always make a given sale. KS Locations and I work as a team.


I will take all six of them. Will go ahead and send payment for the other 2. You are VERY prompt. Thank You. I was able to place all but the Cafe Plus and Capri Pizza yesterday. Marlena (who gave okay) Cafe Plus said they only rent the building and the owner said no when she asked him.


I have been in the vending business for 4 years. I have used over 5 locators. Kickstartlocations.com has the best contract of them all. Kickstart is the only locater I am using now.

William Gross

Kickstart Locaators are a pleasant suprise in a very tough business. Rob is a good communicator, listens to customers needs and is a man of his word. Their web site is easily navigated and some of the best prices in the industry Jim

Jim Galambos

KickStart Locations is a very responsive, customer-oriented business. They have been great to work with.

Jeff Miller

I found Kickstart Locations via surfing the internet. I was so amazed at how easy it was to give the my info and let kickstart go to work for me securing locations for me. I am not a good soliciter but I am a good manager of my machines. Kickstart really to alot of stress off of me and save me alot of valuable time finding my locations for me. Thanks Rob and Kickstart for you hard work.

Scott Larsen

Kick Start Locations is one of only 2 locators I continue to use. What people don't understand is anyone can find locations over the phone. The real test of a good locator, is how quickly and politely they find replacements for locations gone bad. Kick Start passes that test with flying colors.

Bud Leiser

"As a survivor of the worst kind of meningitis, I am regularly reminded my survival is a miracle, especially with no amputations or disabilities. I have always felt a pull to help others, affected by meningitis, less fortunate than myself. Starting this charitable business from nothing had not been easy, until my path crossed Kick Start Locations.

Having started small themselves they understood my difficulties and have consistently shown their dedication to my success. No doubt they have helped many charitable causes like my own. Their dedication shines through as you can count on quick responses to questions, and their consistent dedication to self-improvement. It is no wonder they are not afraid to guarantee their results. They are simply the results of excellent dedication to client success."

Michael Poli

"The guys from kick start are the best professionals locators I ever work with. All the location they fine are great. I recommed to any body who want a kick start thier vending business in right path. Thank you kick start. Keep on doing what you are doing. Jessica Taveras 11 cross sat Littleton nh. Taveras Vending,LLC"


Thanks Rob!

You and your team are true professionals and the locations you have gotten for us are excellent. We definitely are looking forward to getting more locations with you and we highly recommend your services.
Thank you again- Mike & Justina Fink.

Justina And Mike Fink

Kickstart is always quick to answer any questions I have and issues are handled promptly. Kickstart is the ONLY vending placement company I use!!

Barry Stieb II

I like the fact that when you say I'm going to have a specific location by a certain date, the locations are ready for placement. The store owners/managers are waiting for you to place the machine without you having to pitch a placement to them again. The personal attention that you get from Kickstart makes you feel like you are the only vending company on the planet. Thumbs up to Kickstart!!!! Look forward to doing more business with you in the future!!
Thank you.

Tyrico English

Thank you Kickstart - because of you there are no more machines sitting in my garage! Kickstart is the fastest, easiest and most professional location specialists I've ever worked with. I can order new locations 24 hours a day and know that I'll be receiving a location lightening fast. As I expand my business, I plan on having Kickstart as my partner all along the way.

Anthony Mello

I have beem using Kickstart to find locations for about six months. I have been totally satisfied with every location they have found for me. The contact at every placement was ready for me and fully informed on the details of my charity. Kickstart has quickly found a location after my order is submitted and has offered me numerous locations for a single order on a number of occaisions! I have heard many horror stories about vending machine locators but I have been competely satisfied with Kickstart. I feel as though they are my business partners and they are working with me to grow my business!
Thank you.

Robert Charlebois

I've been working with Rob and Kickstart locations for almost two years. He gets great locations and lives up to his contract when a location does not work out. We be getting more locations from KS again very soon. Greg Cincinnati

Greg Shearer

I recently purchased 125 Vendstar 3-Bin Vending machines and found Kickstart after researching the vending machine business on-line. I found multiple vending machine operators who recommended Kickstart, so I gave them an openning opportunity to place 10 machines for me. They were able to place my 10 locations within a week. I have since had to have 2 of the original 10 locations moved to to lack of financial return and Kickstart lived up to their reputation and found me 2 new locations within a week. Of the 10 locations I currently have that were placed by Kickstart, most are doing fairly well. I was happy with their service and plan to have them place more locations for me in the near future.

James Distler


Jason Rowland

"Kick Start has given me hope with my vending business. Robert Patterson seems to always keep you focused by laying out a clear plan of attack for you to grow your small business. Since becoming a member of kick Start family, I have had the pleasure of looking at my business from a different angel. Robert used the term the ""Dream Line"" and it has made me think clearly about what direction I am going in with my small business and the reward I will have at the end of reaching my goals. Kick Start has proven to be a real competitor in the vendor locating business, surpassing all the competition.

Kick Starts training is also a key component to the success of individual vendors. Robert has made sure that you not only use his services, but you put forth your own effort into growing your business by getting out in the field and using a script that helps walk you into any business, and have the right conversation that will allow you to get your machines placed. If I could sum up Kick Start in one word it would be ""Awesome!""

Dwon Alexander

Rob's Platinum Location service makes me feel like a king, and the value can't be bear when I need a quality location that will last for years.

Jessica Hok

""If you want a locator to get you into good, solid spots that make money - This is your guy. If you want your locations secured and delivered fast - This is your guy.If you want someone who backs his service and will do right if there is a problem - This is your guy. If your looking to grow your charity bulk vending operation, and want to hire a proven professional - This is your guy. JA Vending"

James Anderson

I could not be more satisfied with the Kickstart organization they are very professional from top to bottom . all of the locations were the very type of places I was looking for. The response time for finding a location has been extremely fast as soon as I submit a new location request I have one in a few days ! again I can't recommend them high enough and I will continue to use Rob and Kickstart for all of my future locations and that will be in the hundreds . thanks again to Kickstart for really helping me get Sonmark vending off the ground and moving forward fast .. Bob @ Sonmark Vending

Robert Pollart

I have been impressed with kickStart and how they have gotten so many locations so fast for me!!! Thanks Rob I will be purchasing more spots after these are place!

Matt Stewart

The thing that has stuck out to me about Robert is he is always there to help resolve your issues. If things don't go according to plan, which everyone knows sometimes this happens, you always have direct access to Robert and he is always quick to resolve your issues. I plan on using Robert and his team at Kick start in the future.

Arlen Jenks Jr.

I have used Kickstart in the past; I have found them to be very friendly folks. And they got my locations for in just a matter of a couple of days. They go the extra mile to find you quality locations, I would definitely recommend them to anyone.

Allen McClure

"When I first found Kick Start Locations I was very impressed. Their website was professional and easy to use. However looks can be deceiving especially in the "Vending Business". After having a problem with one of my locations Robert promptly responded to me and replaced it for free with no hassle. I trust Kick Start Locations with all of my locating needs and I would recommend them to anyone in the business.

Christian Navarro

As a new vendor, I was VERY nervous about hiring a professional locating company, so I hired several and ordered one location from each. Kick Start Locations has been #1 since the beginning! They are faster, more selective, and understand the needs of their clients better than anyone else. What's more, they provide unparalleled customer support. I must have emailed Rob a dozen times after I placed my order. He ALWAYS responded within 24 hours! If you're looking for reasonably priced quality locations and a professional locating company you can trust, it's Kick Start Locations!

Caleb Olson

Mr. Patterson and Kick Start Locations are industry leaders in what they do, providing world class customer service. No matter a larger established corporation or small sole proprietor start-up the turnaround time and location results are GUARANTEED to surpass your expectations! Rob started small, but expanded keeping to his early roots, in touch and in tune with his customers as the business has grown and matured. His personal support is only a phone call or email away!

I can vouch for the Kick Start experience. Please feel free to look up my contact details for any questions. Frederick Vending

Ryan Weinstein

OK, you got me. At first I was very skeptical about hiring another locating company, but Rob and his staff acually pulled through. I was very impressed with their persistance for getting the job done. I will be ordering many more locations from Rob and his staff. I cannot believe that I finally found a locating co that really cares for their clients. Rob always ends his emails, Best Regards,your friend Rob. I believe that he is sincere and my friend. Hats off to you Rob.


What can I say's Kickstart gets the job done and sticks by their work. Rob and kickstart are the only choice for quality locations.

Gabe Zader

i highly recommend kick start to any vending candy vender, i will use them in the near future soon as i recieve my next shipment of machines, they are a timely site that gives on time response. spoke with rob personally and he his super nice.

Manatee Shrader

As far as my machines go, we currently have 34. The 11 locations your company did for us were actually machines that another locating service placed for us, that did terrible. We have been so pleased with your services and locations! We actually have one location that is slated to make $190 a month! That is fantastic! We are going to use your company for 8 more machines, but need to collect a little more money before we do :) That should not be hard with the locations we have received! Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Amy Wood

I just wanted to takea second and thank you so much for helping me find locations. Your team has been so helpful and I thank them individually for their efforts and work that they have put into my behalf. I'm so glad for the business I've done with you.

Cary Decker

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