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Shortly About Us

You have machines and you're ready to get them located. You want to make sure you hire the right company for the job. To us, that's a big responsibility. We want to make sure you're not only getting your machines into the best locations but you're doing so quickly and efficiently.


With highly trained staff and a five-point quality control process we're able to ensure that each and every location meets only the toughest standards of quality.


Receive your locations Lightning Quick, faster than any other location company, with our fully automated system and highly trained workforce.


We understand you have questions and we're happy to walk you through the entire locating process, step by step.

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We accept All Major Credit Cards and PayPal. Purchases in excess of $99 may qualify for PayPal Credit. Please select PayPal during checkout for this option.


Size Matters: The more locations you order the faster we're able to locate as it enables us to "batch out" larger numbers of calls to businesses.

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Canadian Snack Tower

$119 Per Location

U-Turn (8-Select Terminator)

$69.99 Per Location

U-Turn (4-Select)

$59.99 Per Location
$59.99 Per Location
$51.99 Per Location
$149.99 Per Location
$99.99 Per Location
$49.99 Per Location
$49.99 Per Location
$49.99 Per Location
$49.99 Per Location
$49.99 Per Location
$51.99 Per Location
$59.99 Per Location
$59.99 Per Location
$69.99 Per Location
$51.99 Per Location
$59.99 Per Location
$59.99 Per Location
$59.99 Per Location
$59.99 Per Location
$249.99 Per Location

What People Are Saying

  • The guys from Kick Start are the best professional locators I have ever worked with. All the locations they find are great. I recommend them to anybody who wants to Kick Start their vending business in right path. Thank you Kick Start. Keep on doing what you are doing.

  • I like the fact that when you say I'm going to have a specific location by a certain date, the locations are ready for placement. The store owners/managers are waiting for you to place the machine without you having to pitch a placement to them again. The personal attention that you get from Kickstart makes you feel like you are the only vending company on the planet.

  • Mr. Patterson and Kick Start Locations are industry leaders in what they do, providing world class customer service. No matter if you’re a large established corporation or small sole proprietor start-up the turnaround time and location results are GUARANTEED to surpass your expectations! Rob started small, but expanded keeping to his early roots, in touch and in tune with his customers as the business has grown and matured. His personal support is only a phone call or email away!

Got Vending Machines? We Find High Traffic Vending Locations! Kick Start is a Vending Machine Locator Service that specializes in Finding Locations for Candy Machines, Gumball Machines, Toy Machines, Sticker Machines, Honor Boxes, Snack Boxes, Soda Machines, Snack Machines, Combo Machines, Healthy Vending Machines and more.

Order Locations Online Now! Simply Click On Your Machine Type and then Click the Add To Cart button on the following page. During checkout you will be able to Modify the Number of Locations you want to order.

Use a Vending Machine Placement Service You Can Trust! We’re A+ Rated with The BBB and have been in Business For Over 9 Years.

Be Secure knowing that as Your Vending Machine Locator We have a Best in the Business Warranty that Covers Your Locations for up to 2 Years. Click Here to Learn More.

And with over 15 Full Time Staff we’re able to Get Your Vending Machine Locations Lightning Quick. When each new location is ready you will receive an email with all the Business Information including the Name of the Person whom we spoke with and the Best Time To Deliver Your Machine. We take care of all the heavy lifting so all you need to do is Drop Your Machine Off!

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Step 1: Select Your Machine Type on our Home Page.

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Step 3: On the checkout page you can Adjust the Quantity of Locations You Want to Order.

Once you Complete the Checkout Process you will Receive an Email with further instructions.

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